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Foxtrot Code Free

The Free Trial includes a wide selection of capabilities to build many types of predictive and descriptive analytic applications.

Marketplace Applications

Unlimited downloads of marketplace applications to provide you a starting point for your development.


Get built-in access to data through REST APIs like Socrata, Twitter, and the Weather Company.

Development Platform

Develop as many analytic applications as you need on our codeless development environment.

Splunk Index Access

Use millions of data events hosted by Foxtrot Code in Splunk indexes. Export data into Splunk indexes as well.

Powered by Splunk

Build and descriptive and predictive analytic applications powered by Splunk. Deploy your applications to Foxtrot Code's Hosted Splunk operations, Splunk Cloud, or any Splunk Enterprise environment. Your deployment will require no setup, and no servers to manage.

CSV File Access

Upload and access CSV data files to use as event data as well as lookup files to enhance data. Export data into CSV files

Public and Private Groups

Create public groups that can be seen by everyone, and private groups that can only be seen by your team. Using private groups, teams can list their applications privately so that only people invited to the private group can view and download them. Using this feature, teams can work together on the same applications.

Crossfilter Visualization

Use Foxtrot Code’s Advanced Crossfilter visualization to explore your data. Select
multiple fields to filter your data and visualize results dynamically.

Load Data

Build analytic applications designed for petabyte scale. Host with Foxtrot Code, or build hybrid solutions leveraging data in your enterprise. Learn with demo databases including millions of events provided by Foxtrot Code.

Tabular Visualization

Create tabular output to check the data flowing through your algorithm at any point in the process.

Algorithmic Search Commands

Use over 200 Reducer, Refactor, and Reformat commands to manipulate the flow of data and perform statistical transformations.

Foxtrot Code Premium

Access all of the free tier features with additional premium upgrades and services for your algorithm development.

Publish Algorithms

Use the Marketplace to publish your applications at a listed price or for download. You can checkout your applications to run in production for your employer.

Load Big Data

Build applications designed for petabyte scale. Work with millions of events.

ETL Algorithms

Build enterprise-scale applications that ETL using structured and unstructured data sources.

ODBC Access

Use ODBC to output data to visualization applications like: MS Excel, Tableau, Carto, and other ODBC-compliant applications.

Real-time and Batch Data Integration Applications

Develop applications that extract data from streaming APIs as well as batch and real-time triggers from changes to files, and databases.

Python Machine Learning

Leverage Python based statistical machine learning functions with enterprise-scale algorithms.

SQL and Hadoop Access

Input and output data from SQL and Hadoop databases to use in your applications.

Splunk Personal Instance

Test your application in a full Splunk environment with a click of a button. Build custom dashboards to package with your application.

Professional Services

Get help building applications or deploying them in production from the experts that built Foxtrot Code.

Enterprise Deployment

Get a private on-premise or cloud installation of Foxtrot Code for your organization.


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