Product Overview

Watch and learn how to develop and list your first analytic application.

Foxtrot Code Algorithms

Foxtrot Code is a cloud-based: codeless developer, a marketplace, and a collaboration environment for analytic applications. You can develop, test, distribute, monetize, and host your analytic applications. You can use Foxtrot Code to extend data processing, or create your own back-end services that operate at enterprise scale. Automatically run code in response to your scheduled events, modifications to files, folders, and databases.

Inside your codeless development environment on Foxtrot Code you create analytic applications that leverage back-end integrations. The current version of Foxtrot Code supports integration to Splunk.

Using the codeless developer you create a visual representation of analytic flows. The current version of Foxtrot Code supports integration to Splunk. You have full access to Splunk commands and extensions including Splunk’s Machine Learning add-on, which includes the open source SciKit Machine Learning Algorithms. When you run your application on Foxtrot Code, we compile your visual representation into Splunk Search code. Then we execute your application, on our private Splunk implementation and return the results to visualizations in your Codeless Development environment

You can “List” your applications  on the Foxtrot Code marketplace distributing them privately to team members, or publicly to the community.

You can “Download” applications from the Marketplace to your Codeless Developer for free, customize, and test them, and then if you like “Checkout”.

You can “Deploy” any application you have purchased or developed by exporting the final code.

Foxtrot Code provides hosting services for your Deployed Analytic applications. We also provided managed services, professional services, and support for deployments to your private cloud, or on-premise installation.

Key Features

Marketplace for Algorithms

Foxtrot Code’s marketplace allows you to distribute and monetize your algorithms developed on Foxtrot Code, making it easier to broker your algorithms. You can accelerate development by downloading algorithms from the marketplace without a usage cost. You can monetize your developed algorithms as subscriptions on the marketplace.

Codeless Development

You can use Foxtrot Code’s codeless development environment to develop your algorithms. It’s easy to get started. First, drag and drop one of three visual components onto the development canvas. Then, specify your algorithms function with built-in configuration wizard. Finally, test your algorithm on Foxtrot Code.  When your algorithm is developed, you can use Foxtrot Code’s compiled code of your algorithm to run on any Spunk enterprise, or Splunk cloud instance.

Fully Automated Infrastructure

Foxtrot Code manages complex compute resources and bandwidth hosted by Amazon Web Services with a combination of other technologies including: a codeless development environment built on state-of-the-art technologies, as well as a deep integration to Splunk. With one-click using Foxtrot Code’s codeless development environment, you can avoid complex configuration requirements to develop your algorithm.

Enterprise-Scale ETL

Foxtrot Code is an enterprise-scale system for ETL capable of moving your data from unstructured and structured databases, Splunk indexes, files, folders of files, and REST APIs. By using Foxtrot Code’s codeless development environment, you can combine, transform, and enhance data to load back into various structured and unstructured databases, files, Splunk Indexes, ODBC, and through built-in APIs.

Real-Time & Batch Stream and File Processing

Foxtrot Code’s integration to Splunk and other technologies is designed to process streaming APIs and files based on scheduled batch triggers or in real-time when changes are detected or data is ingested.

Social Network

You have access to Foxtrot Code’s social network to create a portfolio for your algorithms, join or host group discussions about algorithms, and manage your subscription. You can create a network of friends from downloaded algorithms, groups you have joined, and share public or private information about your development process. You can use direct messaging, public messaging, and forums to chat about your algorithm.

Public and Private Groups for Algorithms

Create public groups that can be seen by everyone, and private groups that can only be seen by your team. Using private groups, teams can list their algorithms privately so that only people invited to the private group can view and download them. Using this feature, teams can work together on the same algorithms.

Featured Videos

Platform Overview

Overview of Foxtrot Code and the value it provides to developers and their organizations in the pursuit of leveraging data and building descriptive and predictive analytic applications.

Marketplace and Collaboration

How to use some of the major features of the Marketplace including Groups, Listing, and Accounts, and the relationship between the Codeless Development environment, and the Marketplace.

Codeless Development Environment

The Foxspace, Foxtrot Code’s Codeless Development environment, walks us through how to use the interface, and the basics of building a powerful algorithm.


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