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We partner with Weather Company an IBM Business to make observational weather data available to our users for development and analysis.  Weather data is uniquely important to many analyses, and forms the basis of a powerful causal relationship to many other data sources such as crime, marketing, logistics, etc.

React.js from Facebook is one of key development languages. Large parts of Foxtrot Code platform have been built with a combination of React, Node, Mongo, and a variety of other tools and services.


Amazon has been another long-term partner of Foxtrot Code. Foxtrot Code was awarded $100,000 by Amazon to subsidize our development effort. The Foxspace and the entire cloud-based environment is platformed on Amazon Web Services.


We partner with Socrata to make open data from city governments and other organizations available on our platform. Any of the thousands of Socrata dataset can be loaded directly into Foxtrot Code and the data stream of a Foxpatch. Socrata is a leader in helping government organizations achieve their goals for data transparency and civic involvement in data.

Key Partners

Splunk has been a partner of Foxtrot Code since our beginning in 2013. We work closely with Splunk to create a great Algorithm development platform that can create value for Splunk’s 15,000+ installations worldwide.

From a technical perspective, Foxtrot Code is the first, independently developed application layer that works with Splunk to create algorithms. However, it’s much more than that as well. Our mission is helping our user’s develop Data Projects to shed light on the important problems they want to understand.

The proliferation of Splunk in almost every industry creates a built in market for Foxtrot Code users to sell Algorithms that run on Splunk. We believe Foxtrot Code will help many clients of Splunk move quickly past the Proof-of-Concept phase by simply building an algorithm.

Besides being an integrated part of our platform, we also use Splunk to store and manage hundreds of millions of transactions everyday. Splunk’s unique time-based, MapReduce is the foundation on top of which we’ve built a unique analytics development architecture.

We partner with Twitter to bring public data to our users for analysis. Foxtrot Code maintains an active database with over 200M Tweets at all time growing at over 100 Tweets per minute. Foxtrot Code focuses on Tweets with either geocoding or Twitter’s own geographic profiling so that a hard correlation can be made against other datasets.

We partner with WP Engine to keep the Community environment running smoothly to meet the needs of our community.

Concanon has been a partner of Foxtrot Code since 2014 and is a premiere software developer and consultant to both Splunk and Amazon. The Concanon team is one of our closest partners and was even an early investor in the company.

Foxtrot Code and Concanon work together to feature each other’s products. Concanon’s machine learning technology is incorporated into Foxtrot Code’s solution.


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