Imagine the de facto AI application platform with us.

Foxtrot Code leverages an Agile methodology, and Ideation — the creative process of generating, developing, and curating new ideas is key to democratizing our development process and optimizing our understanding of the needs of the customer.

We’ve developed an idea portal to improve the quality of the ideas that drive our product. The idea portal is a way to enable our users and our team to capture ideas in a manageable way. Leveraging your ideas through our portal creates a way to quickly capture, categorize, and prioritize ideas.

Better ideas lead to innovation, and innovation leads to the best product possible. Our portal provides an integrated means to capture and respond to customer feedback, recommendations, and questions within the context of submitted ideas. Ideation software also allows our team to quickly respond, and when possible prioritize and schedule ideas for future releases.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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