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The free tier includes a wide selection of capabilities to build many types of algorithms.

Marketplace Algorithms

Unlimited downloads of marketplace algorithms to provide you a starting point for development. List your first algorithm for FREE on the marketplace!


Get built-in access to data through REST APIs like Socrata, Twitter, and the Weather Company.

Development Platform

Develop as many algorithms as you need on our codeless development environment.

Splunk Index Access

Use millions of data events hosted by Foxtrot Code in Splunk indexes. Export data into Splunk indexes as well.

Enterprise-scale Infrastructure

Automatically run your algorithm using big data, enterprise-scale, infrastructure without any setup to provision or manage servers.

CSV File Access

Upload and access CSV data files to use as event data as well as lookup files to enhance data. Export data into CSV files

Data Generator

Generate a simulated dataset without risking private data. Test all of your edge-cases, and then just replace data in production with live data.

Crossfilter Visualization

Use Foxtrot Code’s Advanced Crossfilter visualization to explore your data. Select
multiple fields to filter your data and visualize results dynamically.

Load Data

Build algorithms designed for petabyte scale. Work with up to 10,000 events with the free tier.

Tabular Visualization

Create tabular output to check the data flowing through your algorithm at any point in the process.

Algorithmic Search Commands

Use over 200 Reducer, Refactor, and Reformat commands to manipulate the flow of data and perform statistical transformations.


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