DevNotes: Foxtrot Code 1.4

 DevNotes: Foxtrot Code 1.4

Release date: February 6, 2017

If you are new to Foxtrot Code, begin with Getting Started on the Foxtrot Code website where you will find video presentations and demonstrations as well as information about the capabilities of Foxtrot Code. For more information read the Foxtrot Code Overview. If you are familiar with Foxtrot Code and want to explore new features, see Foxtrot Code Manual for introduction.

Foxtrot Code 1.4 is the culmination of many months of hard work from our development team (Jeremy, Mark, Jason, Puneet, and Ed). Our team has made significant improvements to the Codeless Development Environment, the Marketplace, and the underlying Foxtrot Code platform. If you find bugs or issues in the new release, see Foxtrot Code Support group to report them.

In this release, we’ve added numerous components to the platform:

  • Access to over 100 search commands for functions like: correlation, managing data, managing fields, finding anomalies, geography, mapping, prediction and trending, reporting, managing results, searching and subsearching,
  • Access to over 50 statistical function commands for: comparison, conversion, cryptography, data and time, informational and mathematical, multivalue, statistical, text, trigonometry and hyperbolic functions.
  • Access to over 100 machine-learning function commands for: fitting, applying and managing machine-learning algorithms including: classifiers, regressors, feature extraction, anomaly detectors, clustering, preprocessing, and time series analysis.
  • Foxtrot Code is powered by Splunk for more information on specific commands see the Splunk Documentation Reference
  • Modularity between algorithms developed on Foxtrot Code
  • Compatibility with any installation of Splunk Enterprise
  • The ability to download algorithms from the Foxtrot Code Marketplace and combine and edit them in the Codeless Development environment.
  • Open Data preloaded with access to over 50K open datasets on Socrata
  • Read/Write to Hadoop Clusters, SQL databases, directories, files, ports, and REST APIs
  • Simplified access point for Tableau, MicroStrategy, MS Excel, PowerBI, and other ODBC enables visualization tools
  • Improvements for algorithms such as Business Intelligence, IOT intelligence, Healthcare Research, Cybersecurity, Predictive Public Safety
  • Improvements for Enterprise-scale ETL, Real-time and Batch Stream, and File Data Processing
  • Deploy algorithms to production on Foxtrot Code managed service hosting
  • Deploy your algorithms and teams to a Private version of Foxtrot Code just for organization. Deploy to managed services for private cloud, or on-premise installation for entire Foxtrot Code platform to control privacy
  • Access over 250 new algorithmic functions inside your Codeless Development Environment

Upcoming releases to look for in the next DevNotes update:

  • Data Simulator
  • Splunk personal instance
  • Detailed error handling
  • Enhanced paid subscriptions

For more information on this release, see our documentation with more details on each feature.

See Ed Fullman, CEO of Foxtrot Code, present an introduction and demonstration of Foxtrot Code v1.4


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