Dev Notes: Foxtrot Code 1.4.1

Dev Notes: Foxtrot Code 1.4.1

This week Foxtrot Code released 1.4.1 of the platform. It corrects a few minor bugs with some enhancements to the codeless development environment as well as the marketplace. We are also in the middle of testing a variety of new features, other enhancements, and corrections for 1.4.2 of the platform.

One major feature we’ve completed is Phase 2 of our detailed error handling when you run a search. This will help detect errors in Foxpatches on the Foxspace, providing some tips to troubleshoot, and then correct the error.

We’ve had Phase 1 of this capability in production as part of version 1.4, and now we are rolling out the next version that traps more errors. Phase 3 and the final capabilities of this version of the Error Handling will rollout with version 1.4.2 of the platform.

The errors we are trapping are encountered when a user creates a Foxpatch that fails to run properly due to a syntax error in an advanced command or the Foxpatch reduces the data until nothing is available to return. Both of these errors are common when you are exploring data, and we want to make the experience easy to detect and correct.

The only place that you’ll encounter these errors and the error handling is in the Reformat > Cross Filter and the Reformat > Data Table when you click the “Run Search” button. These are the two ways of running a Foxpatch or series of Foxpatches from within the Foxspace codeless development environment. These errors show at the bottom of the screen as a small slide up bar.

The 1.4.1 includes the ability to detect errors and the next release will include an enhanced modal with descriptions of the error as well as tips to correct the problem. Phase 3 will also include “triggered actions,” which will reset (manually done by pressing the Stop Process button today).

On the Marketplace, a variety of improvements and bug fixes were made in version 1.4.1. The most significant enhancement was the addition of the ability to add documents and create a Wiki in a Group. This replaces functionality that is now retired.

Major Bug Fixes & Improvements:

Foxspace Codeless Development Environment
– Cross Filter time column out of sync with data table. This is related to the size of the file, and in some cases can cause the time column sticky on the right to get out of synch with the individual data row. A fix has been put in to curtail this problem temporarily. In version 1.4.2, we will be introducing “paging” for the data table to permanently resolve this issue.
– Tabs and deleting knots. We have reproduced reports of under certain conditions when a knot is deleted that has an open tab. The view is automatically sent back to the Home position on the navigation. The work around was to simply reopen the Foxpatch, but we have fixed the problem.
– When editing a “Reduce by Constraint on a Field”, the field was not editable in the left panel on the Foxspace. This has been corrected.
– Cross Filter can set 0-4 metrics. Metrics are numeric fields you choose when you setup a Cross Filter. When you choose 0 metrics the result is that you only see the time histogram above the data table.
– Cross Filter has added stability improvements and fixed a few cosmetic issues. A problem was encountered where in certain conditions the text in the Show Search was extending off the screen. This was corrected.

Marketplace & Collaboration Environment
– Fixed a problem with editing and commenting on a Thread in the Support forums. We had a conflict with some other processes in certain situations. The work around was to reload the browser.
– Improvements to the UX on the Marketplace Algorithm Download page were made.
– Improvements were made to the Download, Listing, and Purchase process to make it more seamless.
– A new description of MIT Licensing was provided when the user chooses to List a Foxpatch with no fee for production ($0.00 production price).
– A new feature for storing documents in a Group and creating a wiki were added.

Coming Soon:
– Data Simulator
– Splunk personal instance
– Enhanced paid subscriptions


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