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To access the Codeless Developer simply click the green button below, and a new tab will open. This is the only way to access your private development environment.

The first time you open the Codeless Developer a guided tour will open. The 15-minute guided tour will give you a good understanding of the basics of Foxtrot Code.

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NOTE: If you have been redirected here after downloading an application from the marketplace, and you already have the Codeless Developer open, please refresh the  browser tab to see your downloaded applications.

Foxtrot Code's 3-Rs

You can use Foxtrot Code’s codeless development environment to create descriptive and predictive machine-learning analytics. Learn more about the 3R’s in our documentation. 


Reducers provide the functionality to extract data from where it is stored, in structured and unstructured databases and files, or pulled from REST APIs. Reducers also provide the ability to enhance your data with lookups. Finally, Reducers pare down the data reducing by keywords and constraints to provide only the data you need for your analytics applications.


Refactors have the broadest capabilities. They provide the means to transform, normalize, and improve the data in your algorithm with a variety of functions including: correlation, anomalies, geographic and location, comparisons, cryptography, mathematical, multivariate, statistical, text, trigonometry, as well as machine learning such as: regressors, classifiers, clustering, feature extraction, time-series analysis, and other machine-learning algorithms.


Reformats provide the capability to format and output data from your algorithm into structured and unstructured databases, and files. Additionally reformats can be used to make data available through built-in APIs and ODBC to visualization packages like: Tableau, MicroStrategy, Microsoft Power BI & Excel, and apps like Carto, and others. Reformats also provide the ability to explore data with built-in cross-filtering visualizations and tabular views.

Drag-n-Drop Development Canvas

Organize your algorithm with the drag-n-drop interface, where you configure: Reducers, Refactors, and Reformats into chains of data integration, transformation and algorithmic functions.

Develop with the Marketplace


Browse the marketplace and select applications which can help you solve some of your needs. Applications you select from the marketplace can then be downloaded into your private development environment for free, where you can customize and test.


If you intend to distribute your new application you can “List” it on the marketplace publicly to sell, or distribute open source, or privately distribute to a team. You can customize and combine applications from the Marketplace, and then re-list them as new applications, even with premium priced applications. You can extend, and re-list a premium priced application without purchasing it. We keep track of the work from multiple authors within one application and distribute payment to the authors.

Develop & Test

Use your private development environment to develop your application. Combine multiple applications together with connectors to create a chain of algorithmic functions. Then test your new application.

Learn more about these capabilities by using the Business Intelligence tutorial.


To run in production for your employer, either checkout and run on Foxtrot Code hosting, or export to any environment that runs Splunk. You can output data from your application into enterprise data sources or visualization platforms like: Tableau, Plotly, Excel, and many others using ODBC.


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