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Build descriptive, real-time, analytics with Foxtrot Code. You can build solutions that integrate data from a variety of sources, prepare your data and leverage statistics and transformations to create a clear understanding of what’s happening with your operation. Build dashboards with Splunk, or use other visualization platforms to visualize your data.

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To help you learn how to use Foxtrot Code, we’ve developed a step-by-step tutorial to create a Business Intelligence solution that can support dynamic dashboards leveraging big data from a simulated e-commerce site. In the tutorial you will explore the raw data, create search algorithms, and generate the data for dynamic dashboard visualizations in Splunk or other applications like: Tableau, PowerBI, Tibco, Spotfire, etc. The tutorial is designed for a new Foxtrot Code user to learn how to develop algorithms in our platform.

You can access the live dashboard by clicking HERE the login for the site is username: guest password: guest.

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