New Products & Features Coming in 2018!

For finance, sales, marketing and supply chain business users

Vertical analytic applications that provide complete business solutions.

Simple, intuitive user experience for predictive and prescriptive analytic applications.

Real-time actionable insights enabling the business to predict outcomes, automate processes and tasks, identify risks and recommend actions.

Experts to support integration and customization.

For hands-on business users that want custom analytic applications

Platform with a fully automated infrastructure and AI / Machine Learning.

Enterprise scalability supporting massive data volumes for any type of data.

Ease of use through a codeless modeling platform without the need for developers and data scientists – lowers the skills barrier.

Community developed analytic applications to extend capabilities enabling quicker time to value.

New Features

Visualization Platform – Stand alone visualization platform that provides the ability to create real-time, embedded, graphic visualizations, dashboards and notebooks.

Enterprise Connectors – Pre-built connectors to integrate enterprise systems to our underlying analytics database.

Automated Modeling – Automated fitting, testing, and selection of the best model using hundreds of algorithms.

Vertical Applications – Custom user experiences that leverage the underlying platform to create simplified and powerful solutions for well understood business problem.


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