Develop Algorithms Without Code

Use our cloud-based, codeless developer to clean and prepare your data, and then pipe it into descriptive and predictive analytics.
Host your final algorithms with Foxtrot Code, Splunk Cloud, or on your Splunk Enterprise.
Visualize your data with Splunk, as well as Tableau, Excel, PowerBI, and dozens of other tools.

Realize the potential of big data with Foxtrot Code

“It seems like every year we’re creeping closer and closer towards a codeless future as technology evolves to favor low-code and no-code development.” – Ross Meyercord, CIO of Salesforce

“Algorithm marketplaces are the future for how algorithms and other software components will be brokered by individuals.” – Alex Linden, VP Data Science, Gartner Research

What can you build on Foxtrot Code?

Business Intelligence Algorithms

You can build Splunk search algorithms on Foxtrot Code to deliver real time insight into business operations leveraging big data. Foxtrot Code algorithms run on Splunk to access and reduce big structured and unstructured data, apply statistics, and reformat data to visualize on dashboards.

We’ve developed a step-by-step tutorial to create a Business Intelligence solution that can support dynamic dashboards leveraging big data from a simulated e-commerce site. In the tutorial you will explore the raw data, create search algorithms, and generate the data for dynamic dashboard visualizations in Splunk or other applications like: Tableau, PowerBI, Tibco, Spotfire, etc. The tutorial is designed for a new Foxtrot Code user to learn how to develop algorithms in our platform. Learn more about the tutorial here.

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IOT Intelligence Algorithms

You can build Splunk search algorithms on Foxtrot Code to coalesce billions of readings from IOT sources like Smart Meters to create descriptive and predictive analytics.

IOT presents unique challenges for analytics, and Foxtrot Code + Splunk have unique capabilities that make leveraging IOT data more accessible to domain experts. Foxtrot Code can help your team build Splunk Search algorithms that can operate  in real-time or batch to create statistical analyses of the largest IOT data stores.

You’ll find a customizable Splunk search algorithm on the Foxtrot Code marketplace that includes over 63 million hourly Smart Meter readings taken from an Apartment building with 114 meters over a three year period. The example bridges from the raw big data to data tables ready to be rendered in dashboards for business intelligence. Output could also be created to identify Smart Meters that may be malfunctioning that could be used to schedule truck rolls.

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Healthcare Research Algorithms

Use simulated data to develop in compliance with e-PHI and HIPAA. In production, extract data from legacy systems, billing systems and networks, and patient management systems.

Healthcare data falls into 3 broad categories. (1) Medical device data (IOT) with only a few columns, but millions of readings. (2) Research data which has a tendency to be “wide” with hundreds of columns, but not “deep” with hundreds or thousands of records. (3) Billing, transactional, and operational data both “wide” and “deep”.

We’ve provided a unique algorithm available on the Marketplace that falls into the research category. The algorithm leverages the CDC’s ER Survey called the NAMCS which has over 600 columns of data and over 50,000 surveys per year.

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Cybersecurity Algorithms

You can build Splunk search algorithms on Foxtrot Code to support Cybersecurity intelligence. Your Foxtrot Code development environment includes powerful tools to create complex data simulations. You can generate various attack sequences with the simulator, and then blend the simulated data with data from your organizations normal operations. This can help you develop response analytics to  evaluate your team’s response to a simulated attack.

Predictive Public Safety Algorithms

You can build Splunk search algorithms using Foxtrot Code to address both internal operational needs as well as data transparency for police jurisdictions. You can use Foxtrot Code to extract data from legacy systems and combine with unstructured data to create a full picture.

How do you build an algorithm on Foxtrot Code?

Extract, Transform, Load

Use Foxtrot Code to build ETL algorithms using Foxtrot Code with Splunk that transform raw data into a valuable resource for downstream processing.

Real-time & Batch Stream and File Data Bridge

You can use Foxtrot Code and Splunk to process streaming data, data in files, and databases in real-time for algorithms focused on cyber security, behavioral analysis, and other analytic requirements.

Build algorithms without risking private data

Avoid the risk of exposing private, secret, and regulated data during the algorithm development process. Use simulated datasets to test all of your edge cases for development using Foxtrot Code and Splunk. When you’re ready for production, simply reconfigure Splunk for your live data feeds.

Using simulated data is a best practice for algorithm development even when your private data isn’t a concern.

Start with a marketplace of algorithms

You can use Foxtrot Code’s marketplace to download algorithms for free as a starting point into your private Foxtrot Code development environment. You only pay to use premium algorithms developed by other users in production.


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